Farrah Abraham Teen mom fuck James Deen - sex tape

Farrah Abraham Teen Mom Sex Tape

Pseudo-celebrity Farrah Abraham made a porn with world-renowned porn star James Deen, for porn powerhouse Vivid back in 2013. First she was denying it was a porn, and it was a sex tape that was leaked to Vivid. But – truth be told, it was a porno – paid production, you know, the type James Deen stars in regularly.

Now Farrah Abraham is fronting the situation full on by asking her fans and followers “So on the real, what would you do?, You’ve been a single mother for four years, off and on dating loser ass boys and your just realized you’re an *awesome* person and you deserve someone. If a company is interested why not sell it”.

The Iowa state cheerleader turned Teen Mom cast member on MTV later turned round to TMZ in recent months to say, ” James Deen has a small cock, and he disrespects women.” She goes on to say that he should probably quit porn because it is going to the porn stars head.

As you can see from the video, this teen mom cast member lacks respect for herself. “Get the lube baby, we’re doing anal” is just one of the quotes from her live sex tape. She kinda contradicts herself with quotes she has been making in the media, as in the movie she is screaming how she loves his cock as he is nine inches in her stomach.



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Having sex live on cam with a porn star will hit the internet no matter what your intentions were starting out. But  if you shot porn, you can’t claim it’s sex tape, as you are now a porn starlet.

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**DISCLAIMER: Teen Mom is a reality TV series aired on MTV. MTV®’s a registered trademark of Viacom International Inc. This blog post is in no way sponsored and/or endorsed by or affiliated with MTV Networks or Viacom International Inc.


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